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Sleningford Wood should be one of Hirst Wood’s favourite leisure places, a little oasis of nature right on our doorstep. But for some time it has been used by fly-tippers too lazy to take their rubbish to the authorised tip. And too many people have also carelessly dropped their litter, especially plastic bags, sweet wrappers and beer cans. There is also a broken Celtic Cross which appears to have been stolen from Hirst Wood Burial Ground but dropped and smashed by the thieves before they could get it away to sell it (right). So on 2 March 2019, Hirst Wood Regeneration Group, with help from local councillors and the council refuse department, organised a litter pick. The turn out was magnificent and in just a couple of hours the volunteers cleared more than 50 bags full of rubbish as well as a number of larger items including tyres, gas cannisters and even an abandoned fridge. The amount of rubbish is depressing, especially when you realise that there is still much more to do on a future litter pick. But the council have taken steps to help by putting up a solid tree barrier to block the entrance for vehicles which will hopefully reduce fly tipping. And the work of the volunteers has already made a massive difference. Hopefully people will notice the difference and in future TAKE THEIR LITTER HOME
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A massive thank you to all our volunteers.  See you next time HIRST WOOD REGENERATION GROUP