In memory of Julie Roscoe
Julie Roscoe lived in Hirst Mill Crescent for 30 years until her death in 2013. Julie’s sister had the idea of planting a tree in Hirst Lock Garden so when she visits the area after the family have moved away, she will be able to sit in the garden, enjoy the setting and remember Julie. It was a idea immediately taken up by other family members and neighbours who gathered to plant an Amelanchier Canadensis tree which flowers in spring and has another splash of colour in the autumn. “We feel this is a really nice way to remember Julie, who was very fondly thought of in the Crescent.”
Julie’s son, Jack Roscoe, wrote this tribute: Hirst Lock and its surrounding area represents a big part of our family’s life and so when the opportunity arose to plant a tree in remembrance of Julie, we could not have been happier. The crescent below the lock is where Julie spent most of her adult life with her family. It was a lively home, often frequented by visitors, and it holds an incredible amount of happy memories for a lot of people. Coupled with fantastic neighbours providing a brilliantly strong community of people, it was a place very close to Julie’s heart The views from the lock stretch all the way to Baildon, which is where Julie grew up and which remained for a long time home to much of Julie’s family. Her two daughters now live there. Julie spent many years as a teaching assistant at Glenaire Primary School in lower Baildon where she worked with and got to know many of the local children and parents. She loved her time there and made a lot of friends over the years. Following the recent redevelopment of the plot at Hirst Lock it seemed like the perfect spot to remember Julie by, and what better way to do that than with a beautiful tree that can also be enjoyed by all member of the local community as time goes on? Julie would have loved it. Huge appreciation goes to the Hirst Wood Regeneration Group for allowing this to happen and some residents of Hirst Mill Crescent who organised and financed this wonderful commemoration which has provided Julie’s friends and family with somewhere special to remember her by and has also, in turn, created some more happy memories in the process.
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