Iconic phone box to be transformed into a new Little Free Library
The Little Free Library of children’s books put up by Hirst Wood Regeneration Group next to the Hirst Wood play area has been a massive success. Decorated by pupils of Saltaire Primary School with the help of artist Sharon Snaylam, it quickly became a popular facility allowing children to borrow and exchange some of their favourite books. In some ways it was too successful. It quickly became obvious that it was too small to hold the range of books children would like.
And as attractive as it was, the Little Free Library struggled to cope with the winter rain and frost. We needed a new plan and our secretary, Pauline Bradley-Sharp, came up with an idea that not only solved the problem but was a great piece of conservation as well – turn one of the iconic telephone boxes, no longer needed because of mobile phones but still such a big part of our landscape, into a Little Free Library. One was identified at Menston, no longer used as a phone and blocking the light of the deli. British Telecom agreed we could have it once they had finished decommissioning it . Now we just had to find a way to get a K6 telephone box, weighing three-quarters of a tonne from Menston to Hirst Wood.
Fortunately Bradford Parks and Landscapes department had the men with the know-how and the equipment and had a brief window just before the start of their busiest time of the year. The team were brilliant, solving every problem they came across and made a superb job of not only transporting the box but leaving the old site immaculate and putting the box into its new home where it looks as though it has been forever. There’s still plenty of work to do. The box is going to be painted in Saltaire Primary School blue and then fitted out with shelves ready for the big opening. And the first Little Free Library is going to find a home at the school where it will be sheltered from the elements.
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Once there was a phone box in Menston
Up she comes!
Whole new meaning to mobile phone
Loaded on the truck ready to move
Carefully down the slope at Hirst Wood
Gently into place
You would never know it hadn’t been there forever
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