In memory of Jane
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Jane, who died on 24 October, was one of those people whose passing left a gap in the lives of people well beyond her immediate circle. It was most appropriate that the tree should be planted on the site of one of Hirst Wood Regeneration Group’s projects because Jane was always a good friend of the group during her time working at Shipley Area Office. Even though she had worked the usual office hours during the day, Jane could always be relied upon to turn up at evening meetings and to offer enthusiastic advice on the best way to get things done. And her commitment didn’t end there, for she would follow up and do whatever she could to help make things happen. It always felt as though she was going the extra mile just for us but we knew that we weren’t the only people benefiting from Jane’s energy and commitment. As former Shipley Area Co-ordinator Chris Flecknoe said in her tribute published in the Saltaire Sentinel: “Many Shipley folk will remember with gratitude the way in which she found new ways of addressing local needs and empowering residents through environmental projects, fun days, school holiday activities and community arts. Inspire “Jane’s contribution to the tapestry of community life across the neighbourhoods of Shipley will not be forgotten and will continue to inspire all those of us who seek to help to build tolerant, peaceful and creative communities.” Jane was diagnosed with a rare cancer in January 2009 and as she admitted, “my known world fell apart. I had a busy life as a working mum of two teenagers, with a passion for fitness and the outdoors.” She described the period following major surgery and treatment as being “rock bottom” but, typical of Jane, she threw herself into supporting Cancer Support Bradford, where she became a Trustee, and also into Zest Coaching, helping others fulfil their potential. Jane would have liked the idea of a tree growing in her memory and for the very many people whose lives she touched, it will be a reminder of a woman, who packed so much good into a life that was taken far too soon.
Jane Hughes, a friend of the community
Family and friends of Jane Hughes gathered in Hirst Wood Jubilee Blossom Orchard on Sunday 21 February, to plant a cherry tree in her memory.